Yippee-ki-namaste motherf*#&ers!

Oldest documented example of a Super Nova. RCW 86

Earth is considered a difficult planet to incarnate on.  Isn’t this a comforting notion?  Sometimes souls choose Earth as a special assignment for accelerated learning, sort of an Interuniversal Baccalaureate program for spiritual evolution.  I wonder, does the Earth know she is a harsh mistress?

I have learned in my explorations that planets have consciousness. Does this make them an incarnation, a life form? Hmmmm. What would it be like to incarnate as a planet? Would you be a powerful, expansive planet like Jupiter? Maybe a planet of agile intelligence like Mercury?  Or a kick ass cowboy planet like Mars?  I imagine Pluto needs a hug…sorry dude, you’re off the team.  Have you ever wondered how Pluto self-identifies?

I asked the Earth a question once. This was not so remarkable until she answered back.  Holy humbled!  I felt sheepish bothering Earth, as in:  don’t you have an axis to shift on or an icecap to melt or something?  I asked her why she tolerated human destruction and she offered me the image of a body with scabies. Nice. We are the human equivalent of scabies. Earth assured me that humans are a skin infestation, not a systemic infection and she could easily shake us off. Yet in her patient and loving immensity, she chose not to.  I would.  I would shake us off faster than you can say Kwelladen.  I would make a terrible planet.

I asked the Earth if there was hope for humanity and she responded, “if there is only one being holding space for rejuvenation, the potential exists.” One active consciousness can spare humanity from self annihilation.  You, for instance.

I was blessed with another planet-as-life-form experience during my one and only self-induced past life regression.  Sitting in my back yard one day, I was curious to test if I could induce a regression on my own. Yup. I could.

Here it is:  I am travelling towards an unknown planet in a small ship with a crew of 4. We land and disembark, aware that we are the first conscious beings to walk this planet.  Standing on a cliff overlooking a breathtaking vista of pristine beauty, I feel a deep appreciation, a communion; nothing in particular going on, just breathing it in.  Next thing I know, I am out of body, observing the planet from space as the star it orbits goes super nova. It is a glorious and dramatic celestial event.  Color, energy, light and matter all blowing up – – Die Hard style.

What is the point of this life?  The planet has called us, knowing her star is dying and we have come, knowing we will shed our bodies just as the planet is shedding hers.  But why? What would compel this sacrifice?  What is the wisdom?

I was floored by the answer; an answer that has filtered into every arena of my life and educated me to listen and honestly hear, to watch and mindfully see.

The wisdom is this:

The act of witnessing records in the mind of God.

To be seen is to be rendered eternal. I understood why we long to be seen, truly seen, as our most authentic selves and to be heard, honestly heard, speaking our deepest truths. I understood the potential of past life regression and how it invites us to hold the position of witness for ourselves. Human consciousness bestows the incredible gift of self witnessing.

…and with this fifteen minute experience, sitting in my backyard, the decision to pursue studies in the art of hypnosis was made.



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10 thoughts on “Yippee-ki-namaste motherf*#&ers!”

  1. “Earth is considered to be a difficult planet to incarnate on”. Consistently I find this consideration to bring a softening, a relaxing to my being – somehow bringing perspective in.

    “If there is only one … ” brought tears. Hold the faith I tell myself.

    “The act of witnessing …” wisdom has changed you, I would say. I feel it in your deeper listening when we talk and though I’ve never thought about being “rendered eternal” I am comforted, held, and blessed for being so well witnessed.

  2. I am awed by your words. I don’t even know what to say except that I cannot even conceive of everything I just read. It makes my soul feel so very young and inexperienced, so much to learn. This saddens me greatly because that means many more incarnations to learn what I need to learn. I hope there is a kinder planet to incarnate on. Its not the planet but the people that make this world so harsh.

    1. Yes. There are many kinder planets to incarnate on. You chose earth with enthusiasm and confidence. I have found spirits to be a little on the optimistic side when it comes to earth. 🙂

  3. Your writing style is witty, punchy, and vibrant, from the catchy steamroller title to the quiet spiritual resolution. Very talented and engaging, and asking grand cosmic questions. Thanks!

  4. Hi Sarah!
    I love your blog, mystical, funny and passionate – like you! Loved doing our metaphysical training together along with Elizabeth Rose. Just spent a week with her doing more PLR and chanelling. Would love to get together with you soon. Sadly I finished all your blig posts and look forward to more.

    1. Thank you Krista! I greatly appreciate feedback from other hypnotists. I haven’t even got to my experiences in basic training yet so there will be many more coming 🙂

  5. These thoughts about the reincarnation on planet Earth mirror those of Robert Monroe in his books about travels out of the physical body…. the first one being, “Journeys out of the Body”, I think. But his second book is much more interesting; my suggestion is, just skim through the first book to see how he started and progressed in his journeying. There are 3 or 4 books all together… 3 I think.
    (A sincere Hello to Jean and Renn!!…. by the by.)

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