The Nia Technique

I am a Brown Belt Nia practitioner.  

I teach in Parkdale, Toronto.

Check out for more information on Nia.

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Drop-ins are welcome.  Class cards available.

The current class schedule is:
Tuesday @ 9:30am
Friday @ 9:30am
Sunday @ 10:30am

Please note: Sunday classes are Moving to Heal. 

Nia Moving to Heal is a movement class designed to meet the needs of those diagnosed with long-term illness, those who are in recovery from short term illness, injury, surgery, trauma as well as those living with mental/emotional stress and fatigue.
Classes include relaxing, soft rhythmic soundscapes and supportive, gentle movement in a positive atmosphere of safety and trust. Participants are invited to personalize the movement while focusing on pleasure.
The result is improved feelings of wellness, regardless of current physical/medical condition.

Please contact me before attending for the first time:


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