The Downside to Asking God for Guidance or Why I Am Blogging.

In October of 2013, I volunteered as a client for hypnosis students practicing Life Between Lives exploration. The session included an opportunity to pose questions to my Council of Elders (more about Life Between Lives and councils in future posts.)

Me:  How can I best support my professional development as a hypnotist?
Council:   Every piece is in place except for self-discipline. You would benefit from a personal practice of self-hypnosis.
Me:  Isn’t there something else I could do???
Council:  Self-hypnosis for ten minutes each day.

You may not consider ten minutes a day such a big deal but I have both self discipline and authority issues — as in, “you can’t tell me what to do even if you ARE evolved and enlightened! I’m a grown woman, you’re not the boss of me!”

So… what was my brilliant and logical response to wise beings advising a ten minute per day self-hypnosis practice? Avoidance! Big Time. Five straight months of hard core Candy Crush flavoured avoidance.  Honestly, if I had practiced self-hypnosis for the amount of time I have spent crushing candy, I could be levitating by now.  The panic started around level 550, like a junkie approaching the end of her stash. I needed a new drug.

I found it in this Tah Riq parkour video and it was like adding gasoline to my inner pilot light. I was so inspired… so enlivenedso uplifted... that in less than an hour my new avoidance behaviour was born: blogging!

Recently I was having a spell of night terrors, a phenomenon I have experienced on and off over the years. I booked a session with a hypnosis friend, seeking higher guidance as to the purpose and possible resolution of my night terror experiences. The explanation offered is rather esoteric so stay with me here:

The descent into sleep is a conducive state for energy transmission. In response to my (unconscious) asking, I occasionally receive energy infusions during this vulnerable drifting-off-to-sleep time.  The difficulty arises because my conscious awareness is out of the loop. My conscious mind reacts to this influx of energy by creating fear, which in turn releases adrenaline, which triggers my night terrors.

I was further educated that the remedy for my night terrors is to train my conscious mind to stay relaxed while physically receiving high doses of energy.

Anybody want to guess what that training might look like?   The safe money is on ten minutes a day of self-hypnosis.

It is usual for me to ask about one or another of my kids in these sessions and this time I had a question about my son; no particular issue except that he is a twelve year old basement troll who lives on pizza, sugar and video games. Otherwise, he is awesomely healthy and funny and wonderful.  I asked the Universe how I might best serve my son’s highest good and in a classic “be careful what you ask for” response, THIS is the guidance God offered me:

a puppy

Talk about distractions!  Puppy love is the new drug around our house ♥.  Now I have a blog and a puppy but still no sign of a self-hypnosis practice.


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4 thoughts on “The Downside to Asking God for Guidance or Why I Am Blogging.”

  1. Dear Sarah – finally found the time to catch up on your blog. You engage me, inspire me, you peak my curiosity, you amaze me. I am blessed to share in this.

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! Can I quote you on that? I am crying over here. Grateful for your kindness.

  2. your real-ness is ever-inspiring Sarah – and thanks for sharing the parkour video link – palms are sweating and mind is reeling from both you and Tah Riq = c’est magnifique!

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