The Conundrum of Time

Crystal time (1)There are few concepts which hurt my brain quite like the construct of time.  I find it so terribly vexing that I have had to admit to myself it is beyond my comprehension.

One helpful model of time is found in my favorite book, “Home With God in a Life That Never Ends” by Neale Donald Walsch and roughly summarized as:

Time is like an apple: static, stable, stationary and wholly existing all at once.  Time doesn’t pass; WE pass THROUGH time on corridors of infinite variety and sometimes, the same path over and over.

I am a timely person.  Fifteen years as a Stage Manager trained me well in time keeping and the consequences of mistiming. Eighteen years of parenting have taught me the relative nature of time — long days and brief years. My Nia practice informs me on Natural Time, which is the dance of time (movement)and space (measure.)

Time is mostly irrelevant in Metaphysical Hypnosis. Past and future are simply reference points, not indicative of any true structure of reality.  I learned this early on when my first Past Life Regression occurred in the future.  The construct was further blown apart during my study of Life Between Lives where events unfold  in “now” time and virtually everyone self identifies as chronologically 30ish.

I learned that healing past wounds affects the future and healing present wounds affects the past.  I learned that prayers sent in this moment are received when they are most needed:  now or later or long since.

Time is an organizational tool, not the material of reality.

The most incredible bending of the construct of time that I have studied is the account of Dolores Cannon working with a client who regressed back to her life as a male student of Nostradamus. In defiance of all logic or plausibility, Nostradamus somehow realized that his student was in contact with someone from the 20th century and he began to communicate with Dolores. Nostradamus and Dolores Cannon went on to work together across the barriers of linear time & space to translate a huge swath of his verses for the modern age.  These volumes are published and available for study.  Here is a link to the late Dolores Cannon discussing their work together.

Conceptually, I was fascinated by the Cannon/Nostradamus communication. However, prophecy doesn’t excite me much so I lost interest.  Until…

…the most intriguing hypnosis session I have ever facilitated. My client, who I will call Lucius, regressed to a life as a Druid.  He did typical Druid things like participating in ceremonies amongst standing stones with his grouping of twelve holy men and women. These Druids had access to a sacred cave with large crystals utilized for harnessing and directing energy. As a Druid, he spent extended periods of time alone, meditating. And sometimes, he would travel back and forth across time to “tend” his many different incarnations, including the life of Lucius, sitting in the chair in front of me.

This moment of realization — that I was connecting with a consciousness travelling in time and communicating through Lucius, was profoundly impactful and effectively shattered any remaining attachment to the illusion of time.  By the end of the session I hardly batted an eye when he recounted his adventures in inter-dimensional travel and communion with other life forms.

The beautiful thing is, I don’t care to understand the construct of time anymore. Why bother? I prefer to focus on mysteries which will continue in my experience after my consciousness releases my body.

Love, compassion, curiosity, creation, expansion. These are the concerns of eternity. This is the stuff of ultimate reality.

I have since re-read all three volumes of the Nostradamus translations by Dolores Cannon.  Prophecy is still not my passion, but travelling through time and space… now that is my idea of fun.


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6 thoughts on “The Conundrum of Time”

  1. This is brilliant. thanks for writing it.
    I resign myself to the mystery that most anything that is capital letter True is a paradox beyond true.
    I said this to my child Tess last night. She said –when it is really difficult to get somewhere i am not sure if I’m not sure if i should to push harder and push through or choose something else

  2. The phrase “after my consciousness releases my body” caught me. Not – after body releases consciousness – but the other way around … intriguing, and a shift in perspective. Body playing lead is often dominant for me in these later years. This shift reminds me of another configuration.

  3. Sarah, love your deep thoughts and explorations! Thank you for reminding us of what’s important. Hypnosis boldly take us where we have been before, the future and the past. Ironically, “no matter where you go, there you are,” standing in the present moment. We arrive on this planet with amnesia and forget our respective life missions but time travel, through past life regression/future life progression, provide powerful recall. Hypnosis is the new frontier for healing and paving the way for a new evolution of consciousness, …and the return of our ascended Task Master. It’s time. Oops. Was I being prophetic?

  4. Sarah!
    I learn so much from you!

    The notion of moving through time (vs time passing) is comforting. It’s still curious to me why, as a little girl, the idea of “everlasting life” would scare the bejeebus out of me. Perhaps because I sense the need for an end, and because the concept of “heaven” as an oasis sets off BS meter? Either way, all that matters to me is now. The now of this very moment. Thanks, Sarah.

  5. Nice.
    But there you are talking about your clients like they are different people, persons other than you. Makes me giggle. And some lives are “past”. As if you aren’t experiencing them presently.
    I enjoyed the read.

    1. yes! I usually report in the first person but chose a different viewpoint on this one. I have discussed the use of “past” and “present” in other posts…time is an organizational tool after all!

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