Testimonials for Metaphysical Hypnosis

Faith versus knowing

Hypnosis was a real whim. It sounded interesting – but I had no expectations, agenda or knowledge of what to expect.

What I experienced – to my utter surprise – was life changing.

The past lives I visited through hypnosis were undeniable. There is no way my imagination could have conjured any of it. No way.

I was guided to places/dimensions that were as “real” as anything in front of me. Vivid. Deep. Moving.

There was a time in my life where the thought of losing a loved one was absolutely terrifying. Although I considered myself to be spiritual – I knew my beliefs were not strong enough to contend with the idea of dying.

That completely changed through my experience with past life regression.

After “visiting” many past lives and connecting with what I describe as the higher selves of my spirit and that of those closest to me – I was transformed.

There was no greater testament to this than the recent passing of my beloved grandmother, for I felt neither fear nor loss. My blind faith was replaced with “knowing” – and that for me was the profound gift of this work.

Of the various therapies I have experienced, none have inspired as deep a shift in my being as the work I have done with Sarah Jean Butler, my hypnotist.

I was nervous.  As I approached my appointment, my curiosity was being replaced by fear and morbidity. What was I thinking to want to “visit the moment of my past deaths????”  But within moments of being in Sarah’s presence, I felt immediate ease. And that was just a start.

As Sarah guided me through the regressions –  I recognized her talents as a hypnotist – clarity, articulation, calm. But there is something more.  She is a gifted healer.

At the end of each session, Sarah’s comments and observations would pull the entire experience together for me. I was honestly mystified by her depth and perception. Although she humbly refers to herself as a guide – I would say I could not have ventured on this meaningful journey without her.

~Nancy P., Toronto


Fear of Dying

I had a wonderful opportunity to experience past life regression with Sarah. I went through three different lives and derived some learning from each of them.   Apart from the learning that I received, the most important thing it did for me was to totally remove the fear of dying. Now I know for sure that there is something more to look forward to. Thank you Sarah for an enlightening experience.

~Nisreen F., Oakville


Profound state of bliss

Years ago I went to a psychiatrist to undergo hypnosis. It didn’t work. I think it may have been because he was a male, we were alone in the room, and I feared not being “aware of my surroundings.”

Over the years I always wanted to try hypnosis for a variety of reasons, though never considered it for relaxation purposes.  I also knew I would have to find someone I could trust explicitly, which to me was a chore.

I am not sure what led me to Sarah, but immediately upon entering into her space – a space set up for sessions – I sensed a calm, inviting, safe, enveloping environment.  I was a bit apprehensive, as I didn’t believe that hypnosis could work – but I was open to whatever was to come. I have no real words to express how profound the results, but let me try (!):

As Sarah counted down from 10, I thought to myself this I have to see – I did not believe that I was going to be under hypnosis by the count of one. BUT I WAS! And, I remained aware all throughout!

I can still feel that profound state of bliss, and I recall: my head drooped down, my “yes” confirmations came out so slow and relaxed one would think I was high. My session took place a few years back, but I cannot emphasis strongly enough, It changed me forever. How? It changed me because I experienced what absolute and true relaxation feels like – I finally had something to compare my constant state of rigidity, stress and anxiety to.  I never, ever knew the mind and body could experience such bliss. It was like I was transported to a different world. Honestly, it was like I was high. I was so relaxed afterwards that initially it was hard to move – the body felt heavy. It makes sense that they say to just rest for a few minutes after a session.

I live with chronic depression, anxiety, and fibromyalgia.  I get easily irritated and am very sensitive to sound, touch, and people’s energies in general.  To this very day, whenever I think back to that session with Sarah, I wish I could be in the place  (inside my mind and body) forever.  It is having experienced that incredible and absolute peace that I know it is even possible.  And Sarah helped me get there within 10 seconds.

I don’t understand how hypnosis works.  But because of Sarah, I am a devote believer and advocate for it. Sarah also introduced me to past life regression, and I had two sessions of that.  It was absolutely amazing. It really worked!

Sarah is like our much needed breath – full of life.  And you can always be assured that she will “keep it real.” Sarah will meet you where you are at, and with your approval, she may even offer a gentle encouragement and facilitation to have you step out of your comfort zone – to go to untouched, unimaginable and remarkable places you never thought possible.

~Betina S., Toronto


Accessing the unconscious

My journeying through my past lives, and the spaces in between, has provided a fantastic way to learn things about my deeper self. All too often, the conscious mind leads and it often takes us to dead ends.   Accessing the unconscious, with Sarah’s thoughtful and experienced guidance, has served up a gold mine of information I could never have accessed on my own!  I highly recommend a past life session with Sarah if you are seeking to locate what drives you from below.   It will always be eye opening and will heal you as well.   Sarah is a potent guide, doing very important work!

~Sophia C., Toronto


An earnest desire to evolve and grow

My hypnosis sessions with Sarah were relaxing, challenging and growth-promoting. I had a significant emotional release stemming largely from the sudden death of my mother and 6 months later, her younger brother, my closest uncle. I had the privilege of sharing some sacred moments with both of them in a fabulous light-filled, spiritual realm where I felt the flood of Love very viscerally… warm, buzzing, expansive. Sarah gracefully lead me through the rougher physical releases to calm peaceful places and then seamlessly transitioned into other experiences. I saw several of my own past lives where I gained clarity about why I enact certain behavioural and emotional patterns in this life, and as a result I have been able to respect and nurture those elements of my soul’s memories and redirect myself towards more productive behaviours and patterns in this life. Yay! for evolution!

Sarah provides a safe, comforting and very engaging energy for self-exploration and later, analysis. Her voice is AMAZING! Sound vibration is a powerful tool many have forgotten or do not understand, and so I am grateful she has mastered (is mastering) this crucial element of the hypnosis process. I highly recommend her service to anyone with an earnest desire to evolve and grow swiftly along their chosen life path on this planet, at this time. I love that I can reflect on my experiences in hypnosis so easily and come to new realizations about all that I observed as layer upon layer of memory and understanding come bubbling up from the depths of my subconscious.

~ Kirstie S., Waterloo


Resonate with a new level of self confidence

At my first hypnosis session, i did not know what to expect and Sarah Jean put me right at ease.  I felt confident knowing i could ask any question and not do anything I was not ready for.

My focus was patterning and beliefs around abundance as our family is transitioning and I have fears about our income and debt load.

While the session was relaxing and not dramatic, afterward I noticed my workshops reached a new level of success and profit.  As well, I generally felt less anxiety and more trust that things would “be OK”.  I feel the hypnosis helped me resonate with a new level of self confidence and ability to serve and receive.

~Mary B, Georgetown


The importance of trust

I would like to speak to the importance of trust in this kind of work. There is a vulnerability in going to these deep places, these seemingly far away places beyond our consciousness. I just won’t go anywhere without complete trust in my guide. Sarah holds my trust. Her big compassionate heart, and her attention to detail have me surrender to the amazing experiences that lie awaiting for me in the world we can access through hypnosis.

~Lucius S., British Columbia

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