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When your past life hasn’t happened yet

Have you ever noticed how the Universe delights in making fools of us?  Did you ever declare something like, “my toddler will never watch television?” 15 years later you are still singing, “she’s super cool, qué hora, Dora.” Or perhaps you start a blog and state emphatically, “I can’t find the place where hypnosis and Facebook meet.”  The instant you publish, you realize you found that place just fine. Awkward timing much?


Baby eating sugar treat
My 13 month old eating a candy cane on Christmas morning. Smug 5 year old looks on.


Here is how the Universe responded to the declaration “my kids will never eat sugar.”





I am learning to be mindful of what I declare. Declarations are an opportunity for the Universe to mess with your head. Always, never, everybody, can’t. These are fighting words, pitting you against infinity, eternity and all-that-is. Good luck with that! Seriously, go for it. Make a statement declaring an absolute. For quickest results, make it righteous and judgemental. Say it out loud. Declare it as truth! Own it. Share it in the comments. In six months we’ll check in and see who got their asses kicked.

A declaration of intent is a powerful tool of creation. It also provides an excellent opening for life to teach humility.

Here is a statement I declared for years:

This is my last life, I’m done with this planet.

I read somewhere that this is a very popular belief with the new agey crowd.  Of course it is! Once you have accepted reincarnation AND conscious creation as irrefutable facts, sure to follow is the dawning realization that you don’t have to put up with this bullshit any more.

Hypnosis has an uncanny knack for ferreting out false beliefs and rendering them pointless.

Jump cut to a workshop where I’ve just experienced hypnosis for the first time ever with the fascinating strangeness of being inside my mother’s womb. You can read about that here.

Next stop, a past life.

I am terrified nothing will happen. Stricken. Now is THE MOMENT OF TRUTH I’ve been anticipating for years and performance anxiety is consuming me.  As the facilitator begins to guide me into an “appropriate past life,” this chatter runs in my head:

Past life.  This is it. *pause*
Nothing is gonna happen. *pause*
I am definitely NOT going to a past life.
This is utterly ridiculous.
10. Counting?  NO.  NO COUNTING. No. I can’t. Wait!
9. Please, please stop counting. No. NO. Nononononono.
8. I have to pee.
7. Nothing is happening. What. Am. I. Doing???
6, 5. This is stupid. All I see is murky darkness.
4, 3.  I have to peeeeeee. This is too much pressure.
2. I can’t do this on command! I need more tiiimmmmeeeee!
1.  *snap* Go to the most appropriate past life.

And out of the murky darkness, vague impressions slowly coalesce into form. I am in a big open space with high ceilings and a surrounding second floor balcony looking out over a central area. It looks like…West Edmonton Mall.

Whaaaat? You have GOT to be kidding.  I hate West Edmonton Mall.

Look down at your body.  I am male.  Cool.  Wearing a shiny one piece body suit, fitted. Not cool.

Move to your home. A compact, ultra-modern modular alcove with a work space and a bed built into the wall. It’s the Jetsons!

Go to a celebration. Central mall-like space; this is a dome structure of some kind.  I am apart from the crowd, solitary. Unengaged but not unhappy.  We live here because the outside environment is untenable. It is the future. Ummmm…how is this a PAST life?!

Go to end of your life.  I am working quietly and hear screams.  I look up to see a tidal wave crashing down the dome walls. In the final moment of my recall I sense someone.  It is my mother, my only heart connection.  As my body drowns, I recognize my mother as Lena, a daughter in my current life.

What is the lesson of the life you have just left? 

The lesson is: this is NOT my last life after all.



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Hypnosis is my Superpower

“In popular culture, {Superpower} may be used to describe anything from minimal exaggeration of normal human traits, magic, to near-godlike abilities including flight, superstrength, projection of destructive energy beams and force fields, invulnerability, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, super-speed or control of the weather.”~wikipedia

I am compelled to write about my personal hypnosis experiences. I have long imagined doing this via facebook but could never bring myself to publish a hypnosis page. Facebook doesn’t feel safe. People are mean on facebook. Removed. Impersonal. Disconnected. Unaccountable.

Hypnosis fosters the exact opposite feelings: Engagement. Intimacy. Connection. Accountability.

I just couldn’t find the place where facebook and hypnosis meet.

I’m not looking to convince anyone of anything. I don’t need to be right.  I’m not interested in scientific proof that hypnosis is real or not real. Hypnosis works for me. It has changed me. That is the only proof I have to offer.

One very useful application of hypnosis is shifting beliefs. The smallest shift can reorganize a person profoundly. I have had that experience, over and over. I’ve been to psychics of various ilk over the years and some have told me of past lives. I consider this good fun and it really can be helpful for gaining perspective. We seem to crave stories that explain whatever may be happening to us. However, to get to the root of our beliefs, the source of knowledge must be experiential. We need to feel it to believe it, especially when the new information defies our current system or accepted reality.

For example, I can tell you a million times that you can definitely be hypnotized but most folks hold the belief that they cannot. Reading about other people being hypnotized might convince you. Watching others being hypnotized might do it. Studying scientific evidence of brain waves and seemingly impossible feats would likely convince some. None of these things convinced me. The fastest, most effective method of shifting this belief is simple; get hypnotized.

Experiential knowledge shifts belief.

In 2010, I attended a Public Information Session at the Ontario Hypnosis Centre in Toronto. At the time, I believed I was one of the rare people who could not be hypnotized. I just “knew” I wouldn’t qualify since I was waaaaay too cynical, sensible and knowledgeable. By then, I had read +/- 25 books on hypnosis so you would think I’d know better. In my secret heart of hearts, I felt unworthy of mystical trance states. (How I had transposed “hypnosis” into “mystical trance states” is altogether baffling now. There is nothing mystical about hypnosis. It is shockingly mundane in nature. Hypnosis can give you access to mystical experiences but one is not the other.)

This workshop included lots of group hypnosis. We started with the popular Lemon Test. As instructed, I imagined moving around my house and pretending to work in my kitchen. I opened my fridge and found a lemon; I took out a knife and cut it open. Yes, my mouth puckered up when I imagined eating the lemon. So what? THAT is hypnosis? Pretending? Remembering? Where are my alien abductors, my communion with Angels, my transcendent enlightenment? No. Not satisfied. I longed to experience something I wasn’t pretending to imagine.

The second group session was inner child work. I had done this before in another context. My inner child is freakishly happy so while other workshop members were weeping and sobbing, my inner child was gleefully inviting me to play. Nice but…whatever.

On day two we were to meet our Higher Self and maybe even our Spirit Guides. Ya right. I knew this wouldn’t happen for me and it didn’t. Here is what I learned: don’t have a big coffee right before a hypnosis session. Not helpful.

Next up, regression to childhood and into the womb before birth. Ummmm. O-kaaay. 8 years old. I sense/see a little purple duck sticky thing that lived at my Nan’s house and suddenly my body is pulsing with sensation. My Mom is coming for a visit from California today. Cool. Still a memory; a memory of a heightened emotional experience. Not convinced.

Then comes regression to the womb. As I am sitting in my chair, fully aware of my surroundings, fully aware of NOT being in hypnosis…I begin to feel pressure on my arms, pressure pushing my arms into the chair. What??? More and more pressure all over my body, pushing me into the chair, pressing me down. Holy fuck! I am in my mother’s womb!!! I am growing and straining against the inside walls of my mother’s womb! I am glued to my chair, unable to move. Exhilaration. I am not pretending to imagine. Something is happening.  I am hypnotizable!!!

Facilitator: How is your mother feeling?
My body is instantly flooded with the sensation of love.  I hear her heartbeat.
Facilitator: Can you sense your father?
Ya.  He’s a little harsh.
Facilitator: Why did you choose this family?
To provide balance. And to help everyone lighten up!  These people are sooooo emotional.
Facilitator: Let your mother know you are safe and happy.
Mom! Mom! I can hear you! Mom! I’m coming soon! *hahahahahahhahahahaahhaha*

And in that moment, something awakened inside of me and I knew what it was to feel worthy; worthy of life, worthy of love, worthy of hypnosis. Inherently worthy in every way. My belief in my own worth shifted profoundly and permanently as I bathed in the love of my mother.

Such is the power of one 20 minute hypnosis experience.

Then we went to a reality BEFORE my consciousness joined with my body…but that is a story for another day.

In my heart, I am a metaphysical explorer. I seek experiences that take me beyond this body, this dimension, this understanding. I seek knowledge that will blow my mind. I seek to fly through space and ask questions of wise beings and sense my connection to Source–tangibly, in my body. I seek the sensation of spiritual exhilaration.

I am guessing lots of people do. This is why folks skydive and practice yoga and have babies. Spiritual exhilaration. Feeling fully, gorgeously, dangerously bursting with life force. Superpower.

Sign. Me. Up.


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