Progression – Part 2

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Inside of every living thing is an inner drive, a Divine impulse, to completely and wondrously self-express. That is, to be what it is, totally.
What is it you have always wished to be or do?
Make this the Time of Your Beginning, and the Moment
of Your Manifestation.
~Neale Donald Walsch

While we are embodied, the fuel for spiritual evolution is what?

What is it you have always wished to be or do? What interests you, compels you, makes your heart flutter? What do you think about when your mind is free of lists and obligations? What is your dream life, vacation, body, skill set? What is the audacious and intrepid longing you barely dare whisper to yourself?

Oh to luxuriate in this place, coaxing out the whisper of longing, the unearthed desires. It is a sweet and juicy place of passion and vibrancy.  It is the place where we fertilize possibilities for our future — of this life and all our lives yet to come. It is a place of choice and conscious evolution.

I highly recommend spending time here uncensored. Dream. Fantasize.  Give yourself permission to imagine the impossible. And if, perhaps, you notice a theme or repeating idea – begin to sharpen the focus a little. In your mind, no pressure. Imagine how it feels to be this amazing person, have these extraordinary skills, experience these fantastic adventures. Taste it. Hear it. Smell it. Feel it.

Abracadabra!  You have planted a seed for your future.

Now back to the laundry.

By the end of my Past Life training, I was bored with regressions. Imagine that! I was still expected to act as a client for other students so I asked for a life which would blow my mind and crack open my perspective.

I was not disappointed.

Born on Earth in the year 2942.  My name is Pamela.

I have been accepted into a ten year elite training program for an exploration team embarking on a one way mission to the planet Carmeran. This planet is located in the North East quadrant of a neighboring galaxy and has been identified as viable for colonization.

Our team of five arrives on Carmeran and we begin comprehensive investigative exploration. A fully functioning scientific station analyzes and synthesizes our discoveries. Construction continues for the future colonists.

After three years of mapping our new home, we celebrate the arrival of the infrastructure support staff. Civilians to follow.

Our work is dangerous and exhilarating. We are the ultimate bad ass explorer warriors. The Navy Seals of space. We are trained to respond to the unknown — highly skilled, capable, adaptable. We drive fast and laugh at everything. The botanists have discovered a Party Plant which we liberally enjoy.

The team calls me Copper because of my long, thick auburn hair. I am statuesque and supremely confident, as are we all. I love this planet. It is wild and untamed. Here, everything I look at has never been seen before.

My life ends during an underwater cave exploration when an earthquake triggers a volcanic eruption. Two team members make it out. Three of us do not.

This progression is a gift; a life to look forward to. The prospect of  incarnating as “Copper” feels worth investing in.

Accepting reincarnation as fact brings a deep relaxation. It is a great comfort to know I have a thousand lives to figure shit out.

In the meantime, who knows where my obsession with Special Ops fantasy novels might lead. Who understands why I relish the dangerous sensation of driving just a little too fast. Who can say when my kicking, punching and blocking skills might come in handy. Maybe in the year 2942.

A small gesture of intent can pay off big time later on. What have you got to lose?



2 thoughts on “Progression – Part 2”

  1. Beautifully written.
    I want more hypnosis. I am attempting to fill my bigger skin. It is two steps forward one step back.
    A big part is a lack of trust that we can have a loving future on this planet where George Bush can get reelected. I keep waiting for the planetary “other shoe to drop”.
    Good reminder for me to lighten up.

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