Progression – Part 1

Of the thirty or so metaphysical hypnosis sessions I have experienced, at least six occurred in the future.  Future lives, or progressions, represent possible outcomes; probable futures based on the variables in play at the moment the progression is occurring.

In the very next moment, that particular future could collapse and other possibilities emerge.  For this reason, I don’t get too worked up about future lives.  Predicting a fluid future is pointless and the study of quantum reality informs that all possible outcomes are present in every moment.  What actually happens is determined by the perceiver.

According to my future lives — the (arguably) good news is that humanity survives long enough to colonize other planets.  The bad news is we continue to make a rather disgusting mess of Earth.  My progressions have shown Earth as:

1) a teeming mass of poverty, violence and filth (twice)

2) North America decimated and other parts of the earth habitable and recovering (twice)

3)  uninhabitable – life continues in controlled environments (once)

Given humanity’s predilection for environmental destruction and my personal cynicism regarding our inclination to wake the f*#%k up, it is no surprise that my progressions offer bleak possibilities. I’m just a little pessimistic that way.  I imagine that Barbara Max Hubbard or the Dalai Lama, for example, would progress to lives depicting a conscious, compassionate population choosing love, cooperation and creation.

By the time I started basic hypnosis training, my roster of lives was: two on other planets, one as a space traveler,  two progressions and a jelly fish. I was yearning to see a “normal” life as a homo sapien on Earth living in an identifiable time period.  On the very last day of the training, this is what I got:

Plains of Wyoming.  Herds.  First hunt.

Big white tipi with my mother cooking stew over a central fire. Comfort all around.  Many siblings.

I am Chokat, second son of the Chief, a prize position with all the privilege and none of the responsibility.  Lovingly married with children.  A happy life.

My people are beautiful and honorable.  We live in communion with the earth.  There is laughter, love and passion.

Our tribe is slaughtered.

The message of this life is not so much wisdom as revealing the root of my belief that humanity is a disappointment.  Undoubtedly I have lived many lives ending in violent death before this one, yet something about the stark juxtaposition of beauty and butchery broke my faith in a fresh way.

This tribe, these people…they got it right.  They lived sustainable, harmonious lives.  They danced through life in simplicity and reverence. They were civilized.

The conquering of indigenous people everywhere on our planet is a tragic legacy. Technological, medical and other advancements do not mitigate these horrors.  Basic human rights and freedoms MUST temper our obsession with progress.  Otherwise, the sacrifices demanded are too great, too dear. Our planet, our bodies, our hearts, our very humanity is righteously plundered for profit and the currency is power.

Resistance is futile.   You will be assimilated.

I am grateful for the multitude of people on Earth who hold the vision of peace.  Too often, I wallow in disgust and this internal violence is not helpful.

It is time to focus my gaze on the domain of harnessing and unleashing personal power. My intention is to stand steady in internal peace.

Peace is a practice and it must be cultivated, crafted, created.

Moment to moment, choice by choice, life after life.

6 thoughts on “Progression – Part 1”

  1. Good post, Sarah! I too despair from time to time but then I remember the notion that it is all about free will and that nothing is set in stone (even visions of our own destruction.) I also believe that there is a general trend towards a general “evolution in consciousness”. In the end, the story has been written and lived already and we are here to try to wake up to our little role on the stage. This is why I am partial to Jung’s view of individuation. If we all did our work (especially our shadow work) we would all help things along immensely. Not easy, but necessary. Keep writing!

    1. Thank you Bea. I find it curious that despite my assessment that humanity is a disappointment, I continue to work diligently life after life in the pursuit of peace and compassion. Why not go somewhere else? Why continue incarnating? There are many planets, dimensions and species which live in peace. Most of them, in my experience. This question I do not have an answer to, I only know I keep coming back for more.

  2. Sarah,
    Great post! Beautiful and blunt. May it awaken the sleep walkers who create nightmares on Earth.
    We still have a chance to get it right …but it better be quick.

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