Passion & Pleasure

I love the phrase — somatic intelligence. I trust that my body is wise and constantly communicating all I need to know for optimum vitality at every level of my being. It feels like a smart investment to listen and understand. A body is something I won’t always have so I like to make good use of its wisdom and function.

Two primary communication systems connect the conscious mind with the soul or superconscious mind:

The heart guides through emotion with passion as the polestar. The body guides through sensation and pleasure lights the way.

I practice receiving and decoding the messages my body transmits. Usually the simple act of paying attention is sufficient. If I am having trouble deciphering the signal or there is a persistent issue (perhaps a pain that doesn’t resolve), hypnosis offers a direct channel with clear reception.

Whatever the means, experience has taught me that the most efficient route to comfort and fulfillment is mapped in the flow of communication from the superconscious mind.

Throughout the winter of 2009, I sensed a growing unease in my body which I eventually identified as the need to MOVE! This feeling grew so intense that only a move of gargantuan proportions could hope to quell it. Unilaterally, I decided my family was moving to Vancouver Island! Hooray! I cashed in my air miles and flew off to map out our salvation.

Two weeks later, it was evident that we were not, in fact, relocating anywhere. The desire to MOVE, however, remained strong and something needed to shift.

After fourteen years of intensely focused mothering, it was time to hone in on what I was passionate about — aside from breastfeeding and attachment parenting. The finalists:  Nia and hypnosis.

With which to begin? Honestly, I was a little afraid of hypnosis, like you might be afraid of a recreational drug. You’ve heard it feels a-mazing but addiction is powerful and you have addictive tendencies. I have long held an image/feeling of floating away like a balloon let go of; drifting out of reality and not caring one teensy bit that three kids needed their dinner made. This floating fantasy convinced me I would benefit from a grounding, body centered practice.

I negotiated with my husband to finance the Nia White Belt training (cheaper than moving 4400 km!) and for the first time since my transformation to mother I ditched the kids and ran away from home in search of adventure.

Did I imagine I would teach Nia? No. I didn’t. I couldn’t. Paralyzing stage fright and less than zero dance, martial arts or healing arts training were the obvious roadblocks. Despite flat out terror and no plan, in a matter of weeks I was teaching to a small group of friends. Six years later, dancing is as necessary as oxygen or chocolate. I have come to rely on Nia for my health and sanity.

Did I understand the implications of practicing and teaching Nia? No. I didn’t. How could I? I didn’t realize, when my body sent the mandate to MOVE, how profoundly essential the sensation of life force flowing through my experience was to my health and well being.

Movement is life. All of life moves and when I dance, I feel ALIVE. Gloriously, passionately and powerfully alive.  My heart relishes in the emotional release, the music, the community connection. My mind delights in imagery, patterns and the science of Nia.  My spirit hums with approval–

Yes. I am here. I am in a body. I am alive!

With my body playing lead, I stepped onto the Nia path and every part of me is thriving.  I am healing old patterns, reframing negative imprints, sweating out toxic beliefs. I am kicking and twirling and weeping with gratitude. I am expressing and exploring and expanding my definition of me. I am leaning in — to passion & pleasure.

Now it is 2015 and a different sensation is bubbling up from deep inside my body. I feel restless, longing for nature and freshness and inspiration. Dreams of hiking on mountains and ocean smells and new vistas. As I lovingly listen and nurture this feeling, it offers a name. It is a desire for CHANGE.

Oh dear. Now what???



8 thoughts on “Passion & Pleasure”

  1. How many blogs come to the inbox on a MONDAY morning and get ripped open like a birthday present???

    Yours for sure, Sarah Jean.

    My 10 day vipassana meditation course had the foundation that awareness of body sensation is a road to the deepest levels of subconsciousness where consciousness meets the body’s biochemistry (matter) —this is the truth of the present moment. Perhaps i have a detail incorrect, but this is my basic understanding. Very exciting stuff (and practical)

  2. You want nature and hiking in mountains? Sounds like you are destined to come meet us in Austria or New Zealand!!! Your post is inspiring as always Sarah!

    1. New Zealand is my dream… been to Austria….I want nature but not on a bicycle with 3 kids – I’m not crazy like some of my friends!!

  3. Saved this till I had time to read it. Love it so very much! What a light, life and inspiration you are to me my beloved cousin! Thank you for sharing, for feeling and for being who you are! I love you and aspire to learn and glean from you. Bless you always…hugs!

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