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I was born into a family of spiritual seekers. The variety of terrain mapped and methodologies employed is impressive and diverse. Archetypes, astrology, fairy tales, tarot, dreams, education, music, sex, poetry, travel, social satire, quantum theory, sacred geometry, drugs, theatre, comedy, holotropic breathwork, Nia, meditation, addiction, death, walking a labyrinth, nature, mindfulness, writing. That is a current list.

Personally, I am more suited to experiential learning than academic pursuits. I find the more I explore, the more willing I am to be wrong. I am increasingly amenable to having my beliefs shattered, my perceptions shifted and expanded beyond any reasonable use or application. I am prepared to be schooled in anything and everything I think I know. Not only willing, I am eager for it. Perhaps this is why I love metaphysical hypnosis. The unknown is revealed in refreshing and unexpected ways.

Like any spiritual path, the wisdom revealed in metaphysical exploration becomes more subtle and esoteric the deeper into the forest we travel. First we clear our personal debris and then, unencumbered, we can step into the flow of multi-dimensional realities and transcendent truth.

Occasionally, the information revealed is so far outside the parameters of any known reality that more than one session is required to sort it through. Such is the case with the following life:

This transcription is of me in hypnosis, edited for clarity.

Heaviness in chest. Dark. Prisoner. Male. Hands tied behind back. Bag tied on head. Soon to be shot.

It’s war. Bad people shooting bad people. Everybody is bad. There are no good guys. A terrible waste of people.

No. I wasn’t shot. I was struck. You know, they don’t want to waste the bullets. There are a few of us. Young men kneeling and struck from behind across the head and killed. A few people are watching (these “people” turned out to be children who were taken by the opposing side and who “grow up to fight for the side who has them at puberty”.)

Medium skin. Dark Hair. Maybe Libya. Libyans killing Libyans. There is a dictator. Feels pretty modern. 1970. Coastline. Dirty and hot.

Either we are the rebels and they are the oppressors or we are the oppressors and they are the rebels and you know, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all the same thing.

The scenario seems fairly straightforward except a few details made no sense to me, which is highly unusual for a hypnosis experience.

1) How could it be 1970? I was already born!

2) On the recording I repeatedly state that “my consciousness volunteered to come to die.” What could that mean?

3) I have absolutely no sense of living this life preceding the execution. How is that possible?

And so I suspected something extremely unusual was being revealed. My entire remembrance of life as this Libyan soldier is a total of seven days.

I discovered that my consciousness had entered the body of this soldier to assist with his death experience, to alleviate the negative imprint of violent death. The soldier was young, righteous and terrified. It was determined that he would not have the wherewithal to leave his body before the death blow fell. Being bound to his body while experiencing this traumatic death would negatively impact his journey and his next life. I was enlisted to encourage the soldier’s consciousness to rise up and out of his body to watch the execution from a more remote perspective. I stayed to animate the body until the death blow came, taking the brunt of the trauma.

The next day I reentered hypnosis to clarify the details. Here I recall the moment before being surrounded and executed:

Civilian clothes. Gun slung over shoulder. Smoking. Keeping watch. I drew the short straw so to speak and was left behind to guard. There are two more inside, playing cards. I am a Freedom Fighter. They are the army of the Dictator. I watch a small group of young boys aged six or seven play in the dirt. My name is Bhaural.

The big question for me is… Why would an intervention of this nature be warranted? Allowed? Sanctioned?

The answer is simple and practical:

At this time on Earth, we need all possible bright lights to focus on evolving the collective awareness. Humanity can no longer afford potential healers to live bogged down in processing past life damages.

The wisdom in a nutshell:

You are not alone. (Ever!)

Everybody has a team. (Go team!)

Shine brightly. (Now!)

By the way, my recompense for this service? The soul of the soldier has reincarnated as my daughter, Lena.


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