Life Between Lives

Nurturing Soul Therapy

Life Between Lives (LBL) is what you are doing when you are not in a body.  How is this not THE COOLEST THING you have ever heard of?! When I first read about LBL, it was as if I had made contact with an alien species, or discovered I could fly. This was THE most invigorating, exciting, hopeful and flat out wondrous magic I had ever encountered.

What we are doing when not in a body?! We DO stuff?

Yes. We learn and create and build and experiment and play. We travel and explore and assist others on their quests both in bodies and out. Consciousness evolves perpetually, regardless of where it is focused.

LBL sessions usually begin with a Past Life Regression.  You can read about one of those here or here or here. The sequence of events is roughly: go to a past life, go to the death experience of that life, process it and… what happens next is the Life Between Lives or Interlife. Once you have done this a time or two, the conscious mind learns the sequence and many folks have direct access while in hypnosis.

The mapping of the Interlife is well documented and surprisingly universal. It is a rich and varied landscape with many opportunities for discovery and exploration. Highlights include: meet and greet with a spirit guide, reuniting with your soul group, asking questions of your council, the hows and whys of body selection and my personal favourite, discovering what your particular area of study or work is.

At this juncture, I offer this disclaimer:

My map of the spirit world and ultimate reality is shaped and interpreted through my biology, my beliefs, my experiences and my higher self. I do not claim to know “how it is” or “what is truth.” Despite many commonalities, everyone should expect a unique and personal experience, just as they do in the physical dimension.

Infinite potential is the realm we are playing with in this work and absolutely everything is possible.

My first LBL session was one of the most intensely emotional and intriguing experiences of my life.  Only childbirth trumps it. For example, when I saw my husband in soul form, he was quite simply the most glorious and beautiful creature I had ever encountered. Ever since, the sensation of love and appreciation I feel in my body when I look at him in physical form has been super charged. This kind of thing is good for a marriage.

My keenest curiosity was around my studies or my work.  Souls start out in general study groups loosely organized according to interests, and as they evolve, they specialize. The work I found myself engaged in was unlike anything I had ever heard of or imagined; it was completely outside the framework of my understanding of consciousness, souls, or how the two might be in relation. Here is a partial transcript from my session, edited for clarity:

Me (incredulous): I am bonding consciousness to energy. That’s what I’m doing.  That is crazy.  Wow.  Okay.  So this is part of the process  of… Wow. This is part of the process of creating souls.  One tiny little part. This tending… this incubation… is part of the separation of the mass consciousness into individual consciousness.  And my purpose is to bond consciousness with a finite amount of energy. To create souls.  I am just one of many, many people in a long process. When these energies come to me, they are already a finite amount of energy — a defined energy. They are put into this chamber and then I use this… this Source energy to bond consciousness with THAT energy. Does that make any sense?  Even before the consciousness is bonded, the energies already have personalities.  The formation of this particular amount and type, even without consciousness, they are already defined.  It’s incredible! You’d think every glob coming out would be the same but they’re not. Each combination is utterly unique.  I have eight in various stages of this bonding.  It’s incredible work. It’s where energy becomes a soul, when consciousness bonds to it.  It’s beautiful. Wow.

From this I have gleaned that energy is simply energy (with its many vibrations and variations) until it merges with consciousness, forming a soul.  Source energy (or if you prefer, God) is the glue and/or catalyst for the integration.

So you tell me… does this work seem plausible? Likely? Possible? Are we all little elves in the workshop of creation? If you have experienced an LBL session, what was your work or area of study?

If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?


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11 thoughts on “Life Between Lives”

    1. Thanks Bea <3 For now this format is perfect for me. It keeps me on task and succinct! I have never aspired to being a writer so the whole experience is delightfully fresh and invigorating! Lots more to come.

  1. How exciting and helpful–sounds like the perfect vehicle to stay afloat while exploring the mystery. I bet it would make me a better Nia teacher! mary

    1. I think it does make me a better Nia teacher, and a better person overall. It certainly makes me happier and more relaxed. Perspective creates reality so connecting with a bigger reality is always reassuring.

  2. That is tricking awesome, Sarah. I just know that there is so much going on just “over there” which is basically here but we can’t perceive it. I have often half joked, but I’m really pretty serious, that all of the challenges my mom and I had at the end of her life plus the estate stuff were planned. I have a gut feeling that she and I were on the other side with a box of wine and one of us said, “Wouldn’t it be a hoot if…” I soooooo want to do this with you. xxoo

  3. Of course, you are amazing and inspiring! Thank you for your energy and sharing your insights. Glad I am related to such a cool person.. 🙂

  4. Sarah,
    Thank you for these great posts!! Like your Nia instruction, your writing breathes life into our weary souls. How refreshing and invigorating. You wonderful hypnotist. Indeed, consciousness is the new frontier. Isn’t it wonderful!?
    Love and Blessings,

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