God Has No Requirements

People believe all kinds of interesting things; improbable, unlikely and implausible things.  Plenty of people believe things that you don’t — really and truly believe them with total conviction and absolute certainty.

Here are some things other people believe that I do not  (but you may and that is cool):

Evolution and Creation are mutually exclusive
Carrying guns keeps you safer
Science makes for good religion
History is reliable
Immaculate conception

Here are some things I believe that other folks have doubts about or flat out dismiss:

Consciousness is eternal
Sacred Geometry proves Divine Intelligence
Freedom is the Prime Directive
The Universe is highly populated

Here are some things I’m not sure about but I’m not prepared to dismiss entirely:

Chemtrails & geoengineering
Illuminati theories
Atlantis was destroyed by power crazed crystal wielding maniacs
Current civilization will be destroyed by power crazed maniacs
Somebody/something lives inside the Earth

That last one was firmly in my “absolutely don’t believe” category until a past life regression planted the seeds of doubt in my mind. When the regression happened, I placed the life on another planet (so it made sense to my conscious mind) but who knows for sure?

The life recall begins with me as a male warrior of large stature undergoing a transformation process of some kind in a laboratory.  I am tended by a small team of scientists of humanoid but not entirely human nature. The skin on my body is being altered to render it impervious to the elements.  My new super skin has a slate blue hue and it completely envelopes every inch of me.

By my request, I am being prepared for a journey.  I feel intensely lonely and isolated. The longing for my home and family is driving me to take drastic measures.  I am a stranger in a strange land and my sadness is overwhelming. It turns out home is inside the planet. My species has evolved (was created?) to drill through the earth… like a human with mad badger skills.

Cut to: drilling down through earth. I sense an immense gathering place filled with people. They stand with upturned faces; I am expected.

Cut to: arrival.  Death is imminent. The journey’s effort has exhausted me beyond recovery.

Cut to: funeral procession. I have died happy and satisfied.

Perhaps you are familiar with the phrase “It’s all good.”  Am I the only one who finds this maxim irritating?  Two reasons: clearly it is not ALL good and please stop excusing bad behaviour!

Yet, when we assess experience from the Soul’s perspective, all judgement is released. Everything IS okay. Every decision is blessed.

The wisdom of this life: it is okay to stay where you are and accept. It is also okay to put on your super skin and forge forward.  There is no right or wrong. God has no requirements.

Do you believe this?

The critical question is whether or not your choices will get you where you say you want to go.  It is helpful therefore, to seek clarity on where you want to go.  In the life just recounted, I chose to go to family, to home, to reunion, to love. And even though the journey killed me, it was worth it. Conversely, the wisdom of this life taught me to stop striving, to stop feeling pressured to DO something and GO somewhere other than where I am. It taught me that contentment is a lovely place to be.

Regardless of whether we choose to go or we choose to stay, either way… it’s all good. Or, in the words of Ram Dass, “It’s all God.”


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