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Yippee-ki-namaste motherf*#&ers!

Oldest documented example of a Super Nova. RCW 86

Earth is considered a difficult planet to incarnate on.  Isn’t this a comforting notion?  Sometimes souls choose Earth as a special assignment for accelerated learning, sort of an Interuniversal Baccalaureate program for spiritual evolution.  I wonder, does the Earth know she is a harsh mistress?

I have learned in my explorations that planets have consciousness. Does this make them an incarnation, a life form? Hmmmm. What would it be like to incarnate as a planet? Would you be a powerful, expansive planet like Jupiter? Maybe a planet of agile intelligence like Mercury?  Or a kick ass cowboy planet like Mars?  I imagine Pluto needs a hug…sorry dude, you’re off the team.  Have you ever wondered how Pluto self-identifies?

I asked the Earth a question once. This was not so remarkable until she answered back.  Holy humbled!  I felt sheepish bothering Earth, as in:  don’t you have an axis to shift on or an icecap to melt or something?  I asked her why she tolerated human destruction and she offered me the image of a body with scabies. Nice. We are the human equivalent of scabies. Earth assured me that humans are a skin infestation, not a systemic infection and she could easily shake us off. Yet in her patient and loving immensity, she chose not to.  I would.  I would shake us off faster than you can say Kwelladen.  I would make a terrible planet.

I asked the Earth if there was hope for humanity and she responded, “if there is only one being holding space for rejuvenation, the potential exists.” One active consciousness can spare humanity from self annihilation.  You, for instance.

I was blessed with another planet-as-life-form experience during my one and only self-induced past life regression.  Sitting in my back yard one day, I was curious to test if I could induce a regression on my own. Yup. I could.

Here it is:  I am travelling towards an unknown planet in a small ship with a crew of 4. We land and disembark, aware that we are the first conscious beings to walk this planet.  Standing on a cliff overlooking a breathtaking vista of pristine beauty, I feel a deep appreciation, a communion; nothing in particular going on, just breathing it in.  Next thing I know, I am out of body, observing the planet from space as the star it orbits goes super nova. It is a glorious and dramatic celestial event.  Color, energy, light and matter all blowing up – – Die Hard style.

What is the point of this life?  The planet has called us, knowing her star is dying and we have come, knowing we will shed our bodies just as the planet is shedding hers.  But why? What would compel this sacrifice?  What is the wisdom?

I was floored by the answer; an answer that has filtered into every arena of my life and educated me to listen and honestly hear, to watch and mindfully see.

The wisdom is this:

The act of witnessing records in the mind of God.

To be seen is to be rendered eternal. I understood why we long to be seen, truly seen, as our most authentic selves and to be heard, honestly heard, speaking our deepest truths. I understood the potential of past life regression and how it invites us to hold the position of witness for ourselves. Human consciousness bestows the incredible gift of self witnessing.

…and with this fifteen minute experience, sitting in my backyard, the decision to pursue studies in the art of hypnosis was made.



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The awesome thing about death

Bright space widescreen“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”
― Rabindranath Tagore

Experiencing a single lifetime via past life regression offers a profusion of wisdom but usually one central theme is highlighted. This theme is the reason you have been drawn to a particular life. It illuminates the wisdom that will most benefit you in your current life and circumstances.

There is one recurring theme which all lives (past, present and future) address: the theme of death.  Past life regression includes processing the death experience and evaluation from an expanded awareness, outside of the body. This is very good news. Most of us are fearful of dying.  We are taught to fear death by our own survival instincts and through both culture and religion. One of the very awesome things about death is that we all get to experience it!  Death is universal and guaranteed. When looking to kickstart your self-inquiry journey, death is fertile territory.

My final regression at the workshop where I was first hypnotized explored the theme of service — yet it was the death experience which impacted me most profoundly, or rather, the post-death experience.

When instructed to go to a second past life I panicked, convinced I would revisit the same life I had just left. This doubt in my ability to regress continued for several years despite all evidence to the contrary.

Regardless of my palpitating heart and adrenaline surging, the murky darkness DID coalesce into something unique: a planet of murky darkness.

This planet is brown and dead.  Seriously dead, devastated by war. Covered in dead bodies. There is no plant or insect or any living thing. The bodies are humanoid but small.  All male.  There is a huge central trench and various groups of women in brown robes (approx. 35 total) are tending the bodies, moving them into the trench in orderly lines.  We are not from here.  This is not our home. These are not our people.  We belong to an order of women who devote their lives to service of others and we have volunteered to come and bury the dead.

The bodies are a little smaller with brown skin, dark hair.

I feel peaceful, resolute, purposeful. We live in crude circumstances with no amenities. The food is brown and bland.  The “celebration” I am instructed to go to is a funeral procession for one of the women. This is as fun as it gets.

The wisdom of this life:  Be of service; service is sacred.

The value of sacred service has become a guiding principle for my life. To be of service is validation enough for being alive. More than enough.

Then…something crazy happened. Deus ex machina.  I am instructed to “go to the end of the life.” Immediately a huge, silver, bullet shaped ship lands in our burial area.  This object is so incongruent that my conscious Sarah mind can’t make any sense of it. Yet in the brown robe clad body, I feel calm and… expectant.  I realize I have been instructed regarding this eventuality and for the first time since our arrival on this planet, I feel excitement.

Standing next to the ship, my hands run over the hull.  It is smooth and shiny, the only shiny thing I have seen, possibly ever.  Suddenly the doors open and black clad soldiers emerge.  Without a single word or hint of ceremony, they open fire and execute us all.

Now here is the awesome part:

Before our bodies hit the dirt, we are flying fast and free.  Everything changes from brown drabness to a kaleidoscope of color and light.  I feel delighted, elated, exuberant!  It is the ultimate sensation of freedom.  I AM freedom.

Like this with a sensation of UP at high speed and the feeling of an ear splitting grin.


Oh how I wish I could accurately convey this sensation! The juxtaposition of a life well lived in deep and sacred service with the instantaneous sweet release into absolute freedom. Glorious soaring joy bursting from a rising flood of giddy anticipation.

Does this sound like the death you are expecting?

We experience the death experience we believe we will experience. Doesn’t it seem prudent to believe it spectacular?



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When your past life hasn’t happened yet

Have you ever noticed how the Universe delights in making fools of us?  Did you ever declare something like, “my toddler will never watch television?” 15 years later you are still singing, “she’s super cool, qué hora, Dora.” Or perhaps you start a blog and state emphatically, “I can’t find the place where hypnosis and Facebook meet.”  The instant you publish, you realize you found that place just fine. Awkward timing much?


Baby eating sugar treat
My 13 month old eating a candy cane on Christmas morning. Smug 5 year old looks on.


Here is how the Universe responded to the declaration “my kids will never eat sugar.”





I am learning to be mindful of what I declare. Declarations are an opportunity for the Universe to mess with your head. Always, never, everybody, can’t. These are fighting words, pitting you against infinity, eternity and all-that-is. Good luck with that! Seriously, go for it. Make a statement declaring an absolute. For quickest results, make it righteous and judgemental. Say it out loud. Declare it as truth! Own it. Share it in the comments. In six months we’ll check in and see who got their asses kicked.

A declaration of intent is a powerful tool of creation. It also provides an excellent opening for life to teach humility.

Here is a statement I declared for years:

This is my last life, I’m done with this planet.

I read somewhere that this is a very popular belief with the new agey crowd.  Of course it is! Once you have accepted reincarnation AND conscious creation as irrefutable facts, sure to follow is the dawning realization that you don’t have to put up with this bullshit any more.

Hypnosis has an uncanny knack for ferreting out false beliefs and rendering them pointless.

Jump cut to a workshop where I’ve just experienced hypnosis for the first time ever with the fascinating strangeness of being inside my mother’s womb. You can read about that here.

Next stop, a past life.

I am terrified nothing will happen. Stricken. Now is THE MOMENT OF TRUTH I’ve been anticipating for years and performance anxiety is consuming me.  As the facilitator begins to guide me into an “appropriate past life,” this chatter runs in my head:

Past life.  This is it. *pause*
Nothing is gonna happen. *pause*
I am definitely NOT going to a past life.
This is utterly ridiculous.
10. Counting?  NO.  NO COUNTING. No. I can’t. Wait!
9. Please, please stop counting. No. NO. Nononononono.
8. I have to pee.
7. Nothing is happening. What. Am. I. Doing???
6, 5. This is stupid. All I see is murky darkness.
4, 3.  I have to peeeeeee. This is too much pressure.
2. I can’t do this on command! I need more tiiimmmmeeeee!
1.  *snap* Go to the most appropriate past life.

And out of the murky darkness, vague impressions slowly coalesce into form. I am in a big open space with high ceilings and a surrounding second floor balcony looking out over a central area. It looks like…West Edmonton Mall.

Whaaaat? You have GOT to be kidding.  I hate West Edmonton Mall.

Look down at your body.  I am male.  Cool.  Wearing a shiny one piece body suit, fitted. Not cool.

Move to your home. A compact, ultra-modern modular alcove with a work space and a bed built into the wall. It’s the Jetsons!

Go to a celebration. Central mall-like space; this is a dome structure of some kind.  I am apart from the crowd, solitary. Unengaged but not unhappy.  We live here because the outside environment is untenable. It is the future. Ummmm…how is this a PAST life?!

Go to end of your life.  I am working quietly and hear screams.  I look up to see a tidal wave crashing down the dome walls. In the final moment of my recall I sense someone.  It is my mother, my only heart connection.  As my body drowns, I recognize my mother as Lena, a daughter in my current life.

What is the lesson of the life you have just left? 

The lesson is: this is NOT my last life after all.



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