An Even Temperament and the Pursuit of Happiness

It is a peculiar thing to experience another body from the inside out. Sensations, emotions, thoughts — all accessible via hypnosis. It takes some getting used to. I was a slow starter, lacking any context to reference what was happening during sessions. I was frequently so overwhelmed that I couldn’t communicate much beyond,  “I’m so big!” or “I’m flying very fast!”

For me, comprehension of what I am perceiving in hypnosis begins with sensation. Sensation increases until I can identify an emotion, a feeling.  Once emotion is established, the scene expands to include thoughts and physical details of what I am, where I am.

The final piece is why? It is common for the why of a life to become apparent only after processing the death experience. The why of life is more salient after death, when we integrate our new wisdom with our expanded consciousness.

I have seen four warrior lives and each one was magnificently delicious. Strong, honed, capable bodies. Noble hearts. Focused minds. Clarity of purpose. It’s a similar sensation to witnessing a martial arts Master in action and imagining what that level of control and degree of self discipline might feel like. Transcending boundaries and limitations.

Several lives as a lowly foot soldier produced very different sensations. Violence and brutality. Drudgery and duty. Survival demands a singular focus on flanking comrades and the battle at hand. The sphere of awareness is tight and keenly occupied. There are only boundaries and limitations.

Working with another student during our hypnosis training, I experienced this regression to an ancient warrior life:

I am big — so impossibly big and very, very beautiful. Hair long and flaxen, skin sun-kissed and muscles oiled for maximum effect. I am resplendent in golden ornamental dress, driving a chariot around an arena of spectators and visiting dignitaries. Not a true chariot driver but a mascot. Champion of the Queen, a representation of her power and beauty.

I don’t prefer it, this parading and objectification, but I have a pragmatic appreciation of the Queen’s bed. She calls me her Lion. (pre Game of Thrones- Ed.)

I live near the horses in a stable for warriors. We are bred and trained for war. I am well liked by my comrades, they laugh and tease, glad it is me and not them dressed up and put on parade.

Eventually our peace ends with a series of invasions. It is a relief to fulfill my purpose as a warrior. I am slain in battle by a worthy opponent, stabbed through the chest with a very large sword. I surrender to the blade and experience a gratitude sharper than the pain. It is a good death. I am satisfied.

The first why question when processing a past life is:

Why did I choose to live that life?  What was the learning?

The second why question is:

Why am I seeing that particular life today? What is the remembrance to assist in my current life?

The second question reveals personal guidance. Remembering this warrior life encouraged me to work with surrender at my solar plexus (power chakra) to allow a sense of expansion and liberation. It was a call to become more of myself, to step into a bigger version of me.

The first question reveals universal wisdom. I chose this warrior body and life to fully integrate the experience that life is ridiculous. It is a stage, a play, and it doesn’t matter how strong and brave you are, if some Queen decides to dress you up and parade you around, you do it. Further, it is best, regardless of circumstance, to keep your humor.

Simply stated:

An even temperament is a valuable asset in the pursuit of happiness.

We are not victims of our temperament. Just as environment determines gene expression, character determines how our temperament manifests. Mettle can be mustered, integrity chosen, excellence sought.

If you seek happiness, look to your disposition, attitudes, outlook and humor.  A little self-inquiry goes a long way.


3 thoughts on “An Even Temperament and the Pursuit of Happiness”

    1. As the facilitator – I only know what the client tells me. The client in hypnosis connects with the part of them that WAS the past life being and remembers the experience via sensory data (re-experiences). I am not a developed psychic so I rely on the old fashion methods of communication. I am relating my experiences as a client. Each experience and each client is unique.

  1. That’s vivid Sarah! You’re such a brilliant writer. You pulled this reader right into into your warrior consciousness. For an instant, I was that warrior too. Small wonder that you’re such an amazing Nia dancer/teacher, and hypnotist. Vivid!

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