Hypnosis – Why Bother?

Your atoms and molecules shout with the joy of their own being; listen to them. Feel within their fleshy substance your own spirituality. ~Seth

Some folks believe that hypnosis doesn’t work. I find this altogether amusing. This is akin to believing that experience doesn’t work. If you don’t believe in the validity of experience as a guide and teacher then… wait… what?

If I go to the gym and exercise, then come home and determine I am not in shape, does this mean exercise doesn’t work? Self-hypnosis is like going to the gym – it requires self discipline and results may take a little longer. Going to a hypnotist is like hiring a personal trainer for your mind.

Hypnosis is exercise for self awareness. Like so much of life, the more you invest, the better the returns. However, even one trip to the gym nudges a gazillion physiological processes into operation. Some folks shift profoundly after just one hypnosis experience.

My passion is utilizing hypnosis to  support the expansion of awareness, opening the consciousness to bigger, multi-dimensional realities.

In clinical work, the following definition of hypnosis from the American Academy of Clinical Hypnotists is excellent:

Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention. It is like using a magnifying glass to focus the rays of the sun and make them more powerful. Similarly, when our minds are concentrated and focused, we are able to use our minds more powerfully. Because hypnosis allows people to use more of their potential, learning self-hypnosis is the ultimate act of self-control.

Hypnosis is both expansion and focus – simultaneously.

Here is an example of how metaphysical hypnosis can help heal a common physical challenge.

A few years ago, I began exhibiting spring allergy symptoms. My parents have hay fever so I accepted this as inevitable. The first year, I took the recommended allergy pills and I found the side effects just as nasty as the allergy symptoms. I decided spring allergies were unacceptable. In my usual obsessive style, I researched every imaginable theory and method for alleviating seasonal allergies. Eventually I turned to hypnosis to decipher the message my body was sending me.

I brought my allergy issue to a Life Between Lives session. At one point while in deep trance, I noticed my daughter Lena present in my peripheral awareness. She had some information for me regarding my allergies.

Lena explained that SHE was the person for whom the allergies were intended but I had stepped in and taken them on – on her behalf. She thanked me for this kindness but explained it was pointless; I could not “save” her from unpleasant experiences. I offered to give them back but she laughed and said, “No, you have them now to remind you to not take on what is not yours. Once you integrate this, your allergies will no longer be required and they will fade away.”

For the next two years in spring, as I began to feel the onset of allergies, I focused on releasing my desire to “fix” things for my children – softening into the truth that they had matured beyond my responsibility to shield them from life. I also continued to support my healing process with nutritional interventions. Last year I noticed it was the end of May and still no allergies! They never manifested.

I know that should I stray from allowing the children to live freely and without unnecessary intervention, my body has a quick and effective system in place to remind me not to rescue them from the challenges of life.

Our awareness needs exercise and  challenges to thrive. Like every system of the body, it is designed to move and flow. When we neglect awareness, life force stagnates. Communication from our deepest selves is unheard and unheeded. The result is disability, impairment, infirmity. Hypnosis builds strength and develops flexibility in our perception and reception.

Are you listening to what you are telling yourself?




Guilt & Gratitude

This is not your suffering; don’t add to the suffering of the world by suffering something that isn’t yours to suffer. ~ Byron Katie

One paradox of consciously living in the present moment is the awareness of all other beings. The poignancy of life is highlighted by the extremes of human experience both now and historically. It really is quite easy to be devastatingly grateful when you think of the scale of suffering on this planet.

The dark side of this compassion is guilt. People are shockingly riddled with guilt. We are taught to feel guilt for being born, guilt for all the ways we don’t measure up, guilt for the space we occupy and the resources we consume, guilt for dying and letting everyone down. Honestly, what is up with humanity and our indulgence with guilt?

I am blessed to have lived a life unburdened by guilt indoctrination. I credit both my family’s exodus from organized religion and our subsequent back to the land lifestyle for this freedom. I spent my childhood hauling water from a river, heating our cabin with only a wood stove and suffering an outhouse during Northern Prairie winters. I appreciate hot water, furnaces and flush toilets like a Greek supplicant at the Oracle of Delphi. There is no space for guilt in the intensity of my gratitude for these magical things.

One narrative I love to tell goes like this: we are part of two or three generations when the common folk are living the life our ancestors sacrificed for. We are the sweet spot between the industrial revolution and environmental destruction. We are the peak, the apex, the incarnation reaping the benefits of the efforts of so many for so long. We are truly living the dream.

It seems peevish to live it in guilt.

Gratitude? Yes. Guilt? No.

One place I get tangled up in is making money. Making money is a bottom line measure of responsible conduct in a capitalist society. Sometimes I feel guilty that I don’t make enough to “pay my share” and my partner has to ante up my portion. Fortunately, my partner knows that it takes more than money to create a joyful life. (You might need a puppy, for instance!)

During my hypnosis training, I took every opportunity to seek out spiritual council and ask for guidance on money issues.

The first time I asked, “what about money?”,  my Council responded: Money is not what you are about. Jeffrey will continue to prosper.  Good news!

The second time I was advised: Don’t worry about money.

The third time I was shown this snippet of a future life:

Movement. Peering through gauzy material at throngs of folks reaching towards me. I am carried in a rough made litter. I am a young woman, a princess. I feel resigned to my fate…someone has to do it. It is no great privilege to be a Queen in this world.

The wisdom? Duty is coming; enjoy your freedom.

The final time I asked about money in a session I was told: Stop asking about money.

Yup. Scolded. Admonished by my Spiritual Council.

So now I have the audacity to not worry about money. If you can’t trust your Spiritual Council, who can you trust?

Gratitude is a beginning place; a gateway to healing, trust, enough-ness.

Guilt locks the gates down tight; it is the choking smog of stress, self-loathing and incapacitation.

Gratitude is the first breath of release.

Inhale: open the gates. Exhale: release guilt.

Inhale: love. Exhale: peace.





Mean Girls

Sometimes one or another of the children will go out into the world, come home and passionately say, “I appreciate you and Dad so much. Thank you for being my parents.”

Conversely, when I discuss my parenting practices with other adults, I am often met with glazed looks and shocked reactions. Apparently I’m a little outside the box on accepted methods. So what’s new? People thought I was crazy to nurse my kids for three years each, to never leave them with a babysitter, to co-sleep. I did what felt right for raising human beings. It didn’t feel radical, it felt sensible.

I grew up in the era before bullying was socially outed. Amazingly, despite presenting as prize bully bait, I have few memories of being picked on or singled out for any particular cruelty. I was blessed with the triple teflon armour of a willful, bossy personality, a supportive family who placed high value on self expression, and three very popular older brothers.

That is not to say I haven’t been on the receiving end of my share of nastiness. It’s just that my quota of being bullied has happened in my adult years. Furtive whispering, blatant gossiping, social ostricizing, bald faced lies told with a smile, anonymous notes in the mailbox spewing hate and judgement…yup. Turns out schoolyard bullying is also perpetrated by the parents.

Of course, there are some crucial differences between child and adult bullying.  Most importantly, I am not a victim. Children are easily imprinted with every manner of false beliefs when they are treated badly.  My experience has been the opposite. I have spent fifteen years uncovering false beliefs about myself; flushing them out with a whole lot of tears and a smattering of fury too.

Mostly, schoolyard dynamics left me confused.

Why would any grown up treat another so unkindly? How do folks live steeped in blame? Are people so addicted to misery that they need it to feel alive?

If you are immersed in or soon to enter the schoolyard culture, or if you feel bullied by other adults in any circumstance, here is my Guide to Surviving Schoolyard Drama; learned through vigorous self inquiry and the relentless pursuit of peace (listed in order of the quantity of tears shed in the learning process):

1) Let go of the need to be liked by everyone.  NOT gonna happen. Give it up and save yourself a whole lot of pain. Even my super social dog knows to walk away when another dog is socially inappropriate.

2) Let go of the need to understand why everyone does what they do. You can’t. People are inexplicable.

3) Separate what your children are experiencing from your own wounding. Children reflect your unconscious issues back to you. Count on it. Whatever is triggering you in your child’s experience is PRIORITY ONE for your own healing process.

4) When you catch yourself claiming your child “would never do that” or “isn’t like that” – Wake up!  Guess what? Good children do bad things, uncharacteristic things. On purpose. Then they lie to see what will happen. Don’t let lying to yourself be the thing that happens.

5) Seek peace. Friendship is optional. See #1.

6) Some folks are stuck in immaturity and there is a very good chance they are suffering. Imagine living your entire adult life with a grade eight mentality. Ouch! Don’t get dragged into the fray. Choose self-respect.

I am a different person than I was stepping into my kids’ schoolyard fifteen years ago. It took me four childhoods to grow up and become an adult – my own and that of each of my three children.

So to them I say,  “Thank YOU for coming and for choosing me as your mom. I appreciate you so much.”




Progression – Part 2

Female warrior-small

Inside of every living thing is an inner drive, a Divine impulse, to completely and wondrously self-express. That is, to be what it is, totally.
What is it you have always wished to be or do?
Make this the Time of Your Beginning, and the Moment
of Your Manifestation.
~Neale Donald Walsch

While we are embodied, the fuel for spiritual evolution is what?

What is it you have always wished to be or do? What interests you, compels you, makes your heart flutter? What do you think about when your mind is free of lists and obligations? What is your dream life, vacation, body, skill set? What is the audacious and intrepid longing you barely dare whisper to yourself?

Oh to luxuriate in this place, coaxing out the whisper of longing, the unearthed desires. It is a sweet and juicy place of passion and vibrancy.  It is the place where we fertilize possibilities for our future — of this life and all our lives yet to come. It is a place of choice and conscious evolution.

I highly recommend spending time here uncensored. Dream. Fantasize.  Give yourself permission to imagine the impossible. And if, perhaps, you notice a theme or repeating idea – begin to sharpen the focus a little. In your mind, no pressure. Imagine how it feels to be this amazing person, have these extraordinary skills, experience these fantastic adventures. Taste it. Hear it. Smell it. Feel it.

Abracadabra!  You have planted a seed for your future.

Now back to the laundry.

By the end of my Past Life training, I was bored with regressions. Imagine that! I was still expected to act as a client for other students so I asked for a life which would blow my mind and crack open my perspective.

I was not disappointed.

Born on Earth in the year 2942.  My name is Pamela.

I have been accepted into a ten year elite training program for an exploration team embarking on a one way mission to the planet Carmeran. This planet is located in the North East quadrant of a neighboring galaxy and has been identified as viable for colonization.

Our team of five arrives on Carmeran and we begin comprehensive investigative exploration. A fully functioning scientific station analyzes and synthesizes our discoveries. Construction continues for the future colonists.

After three years of mapping our new home, we celebrate the arrival of the infrastructure support staff. Civilians to follow.

Our work is dangerous and exhilarating. We are the ultimate bad ass explorer warriors. The Navy Seals of space. We are trained to respond to the unknown — highly skilled, capable, adaptable. We drive fast and laugh at everything. The botanists have discovered a Party Plant which we liberally enjoy.

The team calls me Copper because of my long, thick auburn hair. I am statuesque and supremely confident, as are we all. I love this planet. It is wild and untamed. Here, everything I look at has never been seen before.

My life ends during an underwater cave exploration when an earthquake triggers a volcanic eruption. Two team members make it out. Three of us do not.

This progression is a gift; a life to look forward to. The prospect of  incarnating as “Copper” feels worth investing in.

Accepting reincarnation as fact brings a deep relaxation. It is a great comfort to know I have a thousand lives to figure shit out.

In the meantime, who knows where my obsession with Special Ops fantasy novels might lead. Who understands why I relish the dangerous sensation of driving just a little too fast. Who can say when my kicking, punching and blocking skills might come in handy. Maybe in the year 2942.

A small gesture of intent can pay off big time later on. What have you got to lose?



Free Will is the New Karma

hippie kids
Me and my brothers with Dad’s motorcycle.


I grew up on a commune in the 70’s. Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll wasn’t just a cultural catch phrase – it was the very fabric of my upbringing.

We grew food (and pot), raised animals (and ate them), took off our clothes and grew beards (the men too). There was gestalt, arica, chanting circles, solstice parties and sweat lodges, transcendental meditation, est (before it was landmark), primal screaming, rolfing, macrobiotic cooking and people coming home from India with different names. There were births and deaths and housewives coming out as lesbians. There were local farmers organizing petitions to get us hippies out of their county.

From both within and without, there was a lot of resentment. Viewed through my young perspective, adults were obsessed with their resentments and spewing them all over everybody. I suppose it was a necessary piece of the emotional liberation process but truly, I am grateful we have matured to owning our own shit. At least in theory.

Once the 80’s hit, karma was the new resentment. My first understanding of karma was the reductionist principle of cause & effect, or simply stated, “an eye for an eye.” People talked about the “karmic wheel,” which has us all trapped and endlessly working to redeem every bad thing we (and probably every human) ever thought or did. The underlying attitude was that karma is a necessary evil, like weeding carrots or digging latrines.

While there is never any doubt that if you plant a carrot you get a carrot – the Western view of karma fails to acknowledge that the carrot is but one plant in an infinite garden of possibility and, most importantly, we are the gardeners.

Here are a few ways we might work with karma using the carrot analogy:

Plant other stuff alongside the carrot and turn your carrot into cake.

Pull the carrot out of the ground and replace it with a turnip.

Ask someone who knows a lot about carrots to help you tend it.

Walk away from the carrot, leave it for someone in search of a carrot and spend the next few thousand years in the pumpkin patch.

Free will trumps karma! We get to choose. Yay! We can choose wisdom, forgiveness, awareness, compassion, love. The result of these choices is harmony and eventually we step off the karmic wheel. Free will is a catalyst for karma, activating potential into experience. Karma describes a growth mechanism, not some nefarious imperative over which we have no influence.

We are not indentured to karma. Rather it is an energy we utilize to create. Everything we do, every action, produces a result. Karma is the name for that process. Action to result.

The subtleties of the relationship between karma and reincarnation entered my awareness over the course of many regression sessions.

In one session:

I am a middle aged woman living with my tribe in a cave during the winter months. My daughter is five years old. When spring arrives, it is time to move to a bigger cave and the tribe sets out in search of a new home.

One day, we are walking along the side of a mountain on a narrow path and there is an avalanche. My daughter and I are swept down the mountain and, wrapped in each other’s arms, we die.

I was at a loss as to how this life was significant or what the wisdom might be. I relaxed deeper and deeper into myself until the answer was revealed:

It is an honorable choice to incarnate as a gift for others to work their patterns.

Ummm. Really?  Who’s got time for that? Who lives an entire lifetime just to be present so another doesn’t die alone? From our ego based, linear view of life, it does seem rather a lot of trouble.

My work with past life regression affirms that many people choose particular lives with the intention of assisting others to balance their karma. We volunteer to incarnate as helpers. Karma doulas.

No soul is truly free until all souls are free.



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An Even Temperament and the Pursuit of Happiness

It is a peculiar thing to experience another body from the inside out. Sensations, emotions, thoughts — all accessible via hypnosis. It takes some getting used to. I was a slow starter, lacking any context to reference what was happening during sessions. I was frequently so overwhelmed that I couldn’t communicate much beyond,  “I’m so big!” or “I’m flying very fast!”

For me, comprehension of what I am perceiving in hypnosis begins with sensation. Sensation increases until I can identify an emotion, a feeling.  Once emotion is established, the scene expands to include thoughts and physical details of what I am, where I am.

The final piece is why? It is common for the why of a life to become apparent only after processing the death experience. The why of life is more salient after death, when we integrate our new wisdom with our expanded consciousness.

I have seen four warrior lives and each one was magnificently delicious. Strong, honed, capable bodies. Noble hearts. Focused minds. Clarity of purpose. It’s a similar sensation to witnessing a martial arts Master in action and imagining what that level of control and degree of self discipline might feel like. Transcending boundaries and limitations.

Several lives as a lowly foot soldier produced very different sensations. Violence and brutality. Drudgery and duty. Survival demands a singular focus on flanking comrades and the battle at hand. The sphere of awareness is tight and keenly occupied. There are only boundaries and limitations.

Working with another student during our hypnosis training, I experienced this regression to an ancient warrior life:

I am big — so impossibly big and very, very beautiful. Hair long and flaxen, skin sun-kissed and muscles oiled for maximum effect. I am resplendent in golden ornamental dress, driving a chariot around an arena of spectators and visiting dignitaries. Not a true chariot driver but a mascot. Champion of the Queen, a representation of her power and beauty.

I don’t prefer it, this parading and objectification, but I have a pragmatic appreciation of the Queen’s bed. She calls me her Lion. (pre Game of Thrones- Ed.)

I live near the horses in a stable for warriors. We are bred and trained for war. I am well liked by my comrades, they laugh and tease, glad it is me and not them dressed up and put on parade.

Eventually our peace ends with a series of invasions. It is a relief to fulfill my purpose as a warrior. I am slain in battle by a worthy opponent, stabbed through the chest with a very large sword. I surrender to the blade and experience a gratitude sharper than the pain. It is a good death. I am satisfied.

The first why question when processing a past life is:

Why did I choose to live that life?  What was the learning?

The second why question is:

Why am I seeing that particular life today? What is the remembrance to assist in my current life?

The second question reveals personal guidance. Remembering this warrior life encouraged me to work with surrender at my solar plexus (power chakra) to allow a sense of expansion and liberation. It was a call to become more of myself, to step into a bigger version of me.

The first question reveals universal wisdom. I chose this warrior body and life to fully integrate the experience that life is ridiculous. It is a stage, a play, and it doesn’t matter how strong and brave you are, if some Queen decides to dress you up and parade you around, you do it. Further, it is best, regardless of circumstance, to keep your humor.

Simply stated:

An even temperament is a valuable asset in the pursuit of happiness.

We are not victims of our temperament. Just as environment determines gene expression, character determines how our temperament manifests. Mettle can be mustered, integrity chosen, excellence sought.

If you seek happiness, look to your disposition, attitudes, outlook and humor.  A little self-inquiry goes a long way.


Passion & Pleasure

I love the phrase — somatic intelligence. I trust that my body is wise and constantly communicating all I need to know for optimum vitality at every level of my being. It feels like a smart investment to listen and understand. A body is something I won’t always have so I like to make good use of its wisdom and function.

Two primary communication systems connect the conscious mind with the soul or superconscious mind:

The heart guides through emotion with passion as the polestar. The body guides through sensation and pleasure lights the way.

I practice receiving and decoding the messages my body transmits. Usually the simple act of paying attention is sufficient. If I am having trouble deciphering the signal or there is a persistent issue (perhaps a pain that doesn’t resolve), hypnosis offers a direct channel with clear reception.

Whatever the means, experience has taught me that the most efficient route to comfort and fulfillment is mapped in the flow of communication from the superconscious mind.

Throughout the winter of 2009, I sensed a growing unease in my body which I eventually identified as the need to MOVE! This feeling grew so intense that only a move of gargantuan proportions could hope to quell it. Unilaterally, I decided my family was moving to Vancouver Island! Hooray! I cashed in my air miles and flew off to map out our salvation.

Two weeks later, it was evident that we were not, in fact, relocating anywhere. The desire to MOVE, however, remained strong and something needed to shift.

After fourteen years of intensely focused mothering, it was time to hone in on what I was passionate about — aside from breastfeeding and attachment parenting. The finalists:  Nia and hypnosis.

With which to begin? Honestly, I was a little afraid of hypnosis, like you might be afraid of a recreational drug. You’ve heard it feels a-mazing but addiction is powerful and you have addictive tendencies. I have long held an image/feeling of floating away like a balloon let go of; drifting out of reality and not caring one teensy bit that three kids needed their dinner made. This floating fantasy convinced me I would benefit from a grounding, body centered practice.

I negotiated with my husband to finance the Nia White Belt training (cheaper than moving 4400 km!) and for the first time since my transformation to mother I ditched the kids and ran away from home in search of adventure.

Did I imagine I would teach Nia? No. I didn’t. I couldn’t. Paralyzing stage fright and less than zero dance, martial arts or healing arts training were the obvious roadblocks. Despite flat out terror and no plan, in a matter of weeks I was teaching to a small group of friends. Six years later, dancing is as necessary as oxygen or chocolate. I have come to rely on Nia for my health and sanity.

Did I understand the implications of practicing and teaching Nia? No. I didn’t. How could I? I didn’t realize, when my body sent the mandate to MOVE, how profoundly essential the sensation of life force flowing through my experience was to my health and well being.

Movement is life. All of life moves and when I dance, I feel ALIVE. Gloriously, passionately and powerfully alive.  My heart relishes in the emotional release, the music, the community connection. My mind delights in imagery, patterns and the science of Nia.  My spirit hums with approval–

Yes. I am here. I am in a body. I am alive!

With my body playing lead, I stepped onto the Nia path and every part of me is thriving.  I am healing old patterns, reframing negative imprints, sweating out toxic beliefs. I am kicking and twirling and weeping with gratitude. I am expressing and exploring and expanding my definition of me. I am leaning in — to passion & pleasure.

Now it is 2015 and a different sensation is bubbling up from deep inside my body. I feel restless, longing for nature and freshness and inspiration. Dreams of hiking on mountains and ocean smells and new vistas. As I lovingly listen and nurture this feeling, it offers a name. It is a desire for CHANGE.

Oh dear. Now what???



Progression – Part 1

Of the thirty or so metaphysical hypnosis sessions I have experienced, at least six occurred in the future.  Future lives, or progressions, represent possible outcomes; probable futures based on the variables in play at the moment the progression is occurring.

In the very next moment, that particular future could collapse and other possibilities emerge.  For this reason, I don’t get too worked up about future lives.  Predicting a fluid future is pointless and the study of quantum reality informs that all possible outcomes are present in every moment.  What actually happens is determined by the perceiver.

According to my future lives — the (arguably) good news is that humanity survives long enough to colonize other planets.  The bad news is we continue to make a rather disgusting mess of Earth.  My progressions have shown Earth as:

1) a teeming mass of poverty, violence and filth (twice)

2) North America decimated and other parts of the earth habitable and recovering (twice)

3)  uninhabitable – life continues in controlled environments (once)

Given humanity’s predilection for environmental destruction and my personal cynicism regarding our inclination to wake the f*#%k up, it is no surprise that my progressions offer bleak possibilities. I’m just a little pessimistic that way.  I imagine that Barbara Max Hubbard or the Dalai Lama, for example, would progress to lives depicting a conscious, compassionate population choosing love, cooperation and creation.

By the time I started basic hypnosis training, my roster of lives was: two on other planets, one as a space traveler,  two progressions and a jelly fish. I was yearning to see a “normal” life as a homo sapien on Earth living in an identifiable time period.  On the very last day of the training, this is what I got:

Plains of Wyoming.  Herds.  First hunt.

Big white tipi with my mother cooking stew over a central fire. Comfort all around.  Many siblings.

I am Chokat, second son of the Chief, a prize position with all the privilege and none of the responsibility.  Lovingly married with children.  A happy life.

My people are beautiful and honorable.  We live in communion with the earth.  There is laughter, love and passion.

Our tribe is slaughtered.

The message of this life is not so much wisdom as revealing the root of my belief that humanity is a disappointment.  Undoubtedly I have lived many lives ending in violent death before this one, yet something about the stark juxtaposition of beauty and butchery broke my faith in a fresh way.

This tribe, these people…they got it right.  They lived sustainable, harmonious lives.  They danced through life in simplicity and reverence. They were civilized.

The conquering of indigenous people everywhere on our planet is a tragic legacy. Technological, medical and other advancements do not mitigate these horrors.  Basic human rights and freedoms MUST temper our obsession with progress.  Otherwise, the sacrifices demanded are too great, too dear. Our planet, our bodies, our hearts, our very humanity is righteously plundered for profit and the currency is power.

Resistance is futile.   You will be assimilated.

I am grateful for the multitude of people on Earth who hold the vision of peace.  Too often, I wallow in disgust and this internal violence is not helpful.

It is time to focus my gaze on the domain of harnessing and unleashing personal power. My intention is to stand steady in internal peace.

Peace is a practice and it must be cultivated, crafted, created.

Moment to moment, choice by choice, life after life.

The Conundrum of Time

Crystal time (1)There are few concepts which hurt my brain quite like the construct of time.  I find it so terribly vexing that I have had to admit to myself it is beyond my comprehension.

One helpful model of time is found in my favorite book, “Home With God in a Life That Never Ends” by Neale Donald Walsch and roughly summarized as:

Time is like an apple: static, stable, stationary and wholly existing all at once.  Time doesn’t pass; WE pass THROUGH time on corridors of infinite variety and sometimes, the same path over and over.

I am a timely person.  Fifteen years as a Stage Manager trained me well in time keeping and the consequences of mistiming. Eighteen years of parenting have taught me the relative nature of time — long days and brief years. My Nia practice informs me on Natural Time, which is the dance of time (movement)and space (measure.)

Time is mostly irrelevant in Metaphysical Hypnosis. Past and future are simply reference points, not indicative of any true structure of reality.  I learned this early on when my first Past Life Regression occurred in the future.  The construct was further blown apart during my study of Life Between Lives where events unfold  in “now” time and virtually everyone self identifies as chronologically 30ish.

I learned that healing past wounds affects the future and healing present wounds affects the past.  I learned that prayers sent in this moment are received when they are most needed:  now or later or long since.

Time is an organizational tool, not the material of reality.

The most incredible bending of the construct of time that I have studied is the account of Dolores Cannon working with a client who regressed back to her life as a male student of Nostradamus. In defiance of all logic or plausibility, Nostradamus somehow realized that his student was in contact with someone from the 20th century and he began to communicate with Dolores. Nostradamus and Dolores Cannon went on to work together across the barriers of linear time & space to translate a huge swath of his verses for the modern age.  These volumes are published and available for study.  Here is a link to the late Dolores Cannon discussing their work together.

Conceptually, I was fascinated by the Cannon/Nostradamus communication. However, prophecy doesn’t excite me much so I lost interest.  Until…

…the most intriguing hypnosis session I have ever facilitated. My client, who I will call Lucius, regressed to a life as a Druid.  He did typical Druid things like participating in ceremonies amongst standing stones with his grouping of twelve holy men and women. These Druids had access to a sacred cave with large crystals utilized for harnessing and directing energy. As a Druid, he spent extended periods of time alone, meditating. And sometimes, he would travel back and forth across time to “tend” his many different incarnations, including the life of Lucius, sitting in the chair in front of me.

This moment of realization — that I was connecting with a consciousness travelling in time and communicating through Lucius, was profoundly impactful and effectively shattered any remaining attachment to the illusion of time.  By the end of the session I hardly batted an eye when he recounted his adventures in inter-dimensional travel and communion with other life forms.

The beautiful thing is, I don’t care to understand the construct of time anymore. Why bother? I prefer to focus on mysteries which will continue in my experience after my consciousness releases my body.

Love, compassion, curiosity, creation, expansion. These are the concerns of eternity. This is the stuff of ultimate reality.

I have since re-read all three volumes of the Nostradamus translations by Dolores Cannon.  Prophecy is still not my passion, but travelling through time and space… now that is my idea of fun.


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God Has No Requirements

People believe all kinds of interesting things; improbable, unlikely and implausible things.  Plenty of people believe things that you don’t — really and truly believe them with total conviction and absolute certainty.

Here are some things other people believe that I do not  (but you may and that is cool):

Evolution and Creation are mutually exclusive
Carrying guns keeps you safer
Science makes for good religion
History is reliable
Immaculate conception

Here are some things I believe that other folks have doubts about or flat out dismiss:

Consciousness is eternal
Sacred Geometry proves Divine Intelligence
Freedom is the Prime Directive
The Universe is highly populated

Here are some things I’m not sure about but I’m not prepared to dismiss entirely:

Chemtrails & geoengineering
Illuminati theories
Atlantis was destroyed by power crazed crystal wielding maniacs
Current civilization will be destroyed by power crazed maniacs
Somebody/something lives inside the Earth

That last one was firmly in my “absolutely don’t believe” category until a past life regression planted the seeds of doubt in my mind. When the regression happened, I placed the life on another planet (so it made sense to my conscious mind) but who knows for sure?

The life recall begins with me as a male warrior of large stature undergoing a transformation process of some kind in a laboratory.  I am tended by a small team of scientists of humanoid but not entirely human nature. The skin on my body is being altered to render it impervious to the elements.  My new super skin has a slate blue hue and it completely envelopes every inch of me.

By my request, I am being prepared for a journey.  I feel intensely lonely and isolated. The longing for my home and family is driving me to take drastic measures.  I am a stranger in a strange land and my sadness is overwhelming. It turns out home is inside the planet. My species has evolved (was created?) to drill through the earth… like a human with mad badger skills.

Cut to: drilling down through earth. I sense an immense gathering place filled with people. They stand with upturned faces; I am expected.

Cut to: arrival.  Death is imminent. The journey’s effort has exhausted me beyond recovery.

Cut to: funeral procession. I have died happy and satisfied.

Perhaps you are familiar with the phrase “It’s all good.”  Am I the only one who finds this maxim irritating?  Two reasons: clearly it is not ALL good and please stop excusing bad behaviour!

Yet, when we assess experience from the Soul’s perspective, all judgement is released. Everything IS okay. Every decision is blessed.

The wisdom of this life: it is okay to stay where you are and accept. It is also okay to put on your super skin and forge forward.  There is no right or wrong. God has no requirements.

Do you believe this?

The critical question is whether or not your choices will get you where you say you want to go.  It is helpful therefore, to seek clarity on where you want to go.  In the life just recounted, I chose to go to family, to home, to reunion, to love. And even though the journey killed me, it was worth it. Conversely, the wisdom of this life taught me to stop striving, to stop feeling pressured to DO something and GO somewhere other than where I am. It taught me that contentment is a lovely place to be.

Regardless of whether we choose to go or we choose to stay, either way… it’s all good. Or, in the words of Ram Dass, “It’s all God.”


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